SD Senior Honor Choir Registration Info:

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Congratulations to
you and your students, we are so happy that you will be a part of the 46th SD Honor Choir!  

 Your students will experience a week of singing like no other!  They will work

with a professional choir director that will challenge them to make wonderful
music and increase their choral knowledge that they will bring home to your

Please read EVERYTHING in this email, as you and your singers are responsible for this information!

  •  ·  Here is the letter  to share
    with each of your singers.  This contains the basic information about
    camp; dates, costs, etc.

·  Here are the camp rules and
information about the Honor Choir Foundation.

·  MOST IMPORTANTLY: our online camp
registration form
!  Please keep this link on your computer
and share it with each singer!  They have the option to pay directly to
PayPal, or to mail check/money orders to me.  They also have the option to
have the money sent by the school. 

Every year I have a student
or director ask about coming late to camp.  Your singer MUST be in
attendance at the first rehearsal, or they will not be allowed into camp. 
The Camp Director will be sending information as to the exact time of this
rehearsal, but it is usually around 5:30 pm on the Sunday that camp starts.  

*Notes about the online registration form:  

They will need to scan the front and back of insurance
cards.  If they don’t have medical insurance, they have an option to check
a box indicating such. They will have to do one or the other to send the form.

They will have to pay directly to PayPal (for a $9 fee), or choose
an option to mail a check/money order to me, or if your school is paying, they
can choose that option.

We hope that this will help streamline the entire registration process for
everyone!  Please let me know if you have concerns or questions about
anything for camp. Please share all of this with your honored singers as soon
as possible, so that they will be able to make the June 1st deadline!

Rogene Brown

SD-ACDA Senior Honor
Choir Camp Registrar


cell: (605) 351-6746