Parents Association

The Lincoln High School Choir Parents Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the LHS choir program.  Its purposes are:

  • To encourage and maintain an enthusiastic interest in all phases or the choir program at Lincoln High School.
  • To encourage and make possible educational trips, exchange programs, and concerts that are sanctioned and approved by appropriate school officials.
  • To actively support fundraising efforts.
  • To provide an exemplary model of loyalty, respect, integrity, cooperation, and dedication through parental participation in all activities of the Association.
  • To promote the Lincoln High School choirs and all school music groups in the local communities through the media and special projects throughout the year.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to become involved in the choir program through various  committees.  Parents who become involved in their child’s activities enjoy the camaraderie that develops when meeting and working with other parents whose children have the same goals and interests.

Interested in volunteering?  Please fill out the form below or complete the paper form and send it with your student to choir. Thank you in advance for your willingness to invest in the LHS Choir Program! Please email with questions.