Winter Concert Details

Performance Details

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022

Time: 7:00pm (doors open at 6:15pm)

Location: Lincoln High School Auditorium

Tickets sold at the door: $5 adults/$3 students/$1 senior citizens 60+

Performance Attire

Students will wear choir robes for this concert. The robes are provided to students at school, however please make sure your student has the appropriate clothing to wear underneath the robe which they should wear upon arrival for the concert.

Boys: black dress pants, black dress shoes (no tennis shoes), black dress socks, any color t-shirt

Girls: skin-tone nylons (not tights), black character shoe, skirt or dress with sleeves, t-shirt (if not wearing a dress)

Extra Rehearsals

The following extra rehearsals are mandatory for all singers. These extra rehearsals are critical for students to be prepared to sing the combined pieces and to know where to stand and sit throughout the concert. Thank you in advance for helping them be present and on time.

  • Monday, December 12 –  7:15am Cadet report to auditorium
  • Tuesday, December 13 –  7am All students in a lunch ensemble (Girls on stage/Boys in choir room)
  • Wednesday, December 14 –  7am ALL choirs combined pieces in auditorium
  • Thursday, December 15 –  7am ALL choirs combined pieces in auditorium
  • Thursday, December 15 –  6:15pm Cadet report to robe room; 6:20pm Girls Chorale report to ensemble room; 6:25pm Concert Choir report to band room