Central/North Central ACDA Honor Choir Results

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Congratulations to our selected students for the Central/North Central ACDA Honor Choir!  We have 18 students going to Chicago in February 14-17 2018.


High School Mixed Honor Choir

 Court Anderson

Gabriel Kanta

Maddie Paul

Logan Schmidt

Gage Sigl

Johnathan Smith

Elizabeth Trygstad

Jessica Trygstad


Middle level Changed and Changing Honor Choir

 Jacob Brandsrud

Henry Knudtson

Mason LeMaster

Simon Nelsen


Middle Level Girls Honor Choir

 Jana Klawonn

Cat Paul

Arianna Rice

Molly Wetsch

Brooklyn Williamson

Aryana Yusufi


Your parents will need to make reservations at the Swisshotel, Chicago, immediately.  Rooms will go quickly.

An email was sent out with more information.


All-State Chorus & Orchestra Pictures

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Dear Parents,

Chad Phillips Photography will be on hand to photograph individual portraits of your student at this years All State Orchestra and Choir event.

You can now pre-order your students portrait and group photo order online! Just visit http://www.chadphillipsphotography.com/allstate/ .

allstate – Chad Phillips Photography


Click here to Prepay your All State photo order! (A new window will pop up)


Portrait and Group Photo Information…

  • You can now use their online ordering system!
    It is fast, easy, mobile friendly and no paperwork needed! But if you prefer, you can use the downloadable form.

Just visit http://www.chadphillipsphotography.com/allstate/ to order photos

allstate – Chad Phillips Photography


Click here to Prepay your All State photo order! (A new window will pop up)


  • Student Portraits
    They will be happy to take an individual portrait of your student. Just make sure your student visits their portrait booth in the main lobby before or after the concert.
    Only students who visit the portrait booth and have placed an order will have their individual portrait taken.
    Chad Phillips Photography are Portrait Specialists. This is a great opportunity to have a classic professional portrait of your student in concert attire.
  • Group Photos

If you would like a group photo of this years concert, all you need to do is go to their website and order it online. Or if you prefer you can mail in or drop off a printed form to their portrait booth.

  • Photo Delivery
    Your photo order will be mailed to your home about 2-3 weeks after the event.
  • Still Have Questions?
    Feel free to email their studio through the website or call them at 605-336-0777. Their staff will be on hand the day of the concert to answer any questions.

All-State Chorus Rehearsal Dates 2017

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All-State Chorus Rehearsal Dates


October 4 –        Wednesday        –              7:25 AM

October 5 –        Thursday             –             7:25 AM

October 11 –      Wednesday       –               7:25 AM

                          October 12 –      Thursday             –              SDSU All-State Prep Day

October 13 –      Friday                    –             3:30 PM

October 16 –      Monday               –              7:25 AM

October 17 –      Tuesday               –              7:25 Am

  •                                                                3:30 PM

October 23 –      Monday               –              7:25 AM

October 24 –      Tuesday               –              7:25 AM

  •                                                                 3:30 PM


All-State Chorus 2017

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All-State Chorus Quartets


Quartets have been assigned; not based on score!




 Quartet 1                                                                                           

  1. Alannah Rien                                                                          
  2. Savannah Heeren 
  3. Sam Falk 
  4. Matt Bauer 

Quartet 2

  1. Deb Ruballo-Torres
  2. Maddie Paul
  3. Gabe Kanta
  4. Justin Nordstrom


Quartet 3

  1. Kat Kramer
  2. Lucy Dekkenga
  3. Gage Sigl
  4. Ian Stamper

Quartet 4

  1. Ella Blair
  2. Abbey Falconer
  3. Noah Kutter
  4. Ben Scaturro

Quartet 5

  1. Margaret Meierhenry
  2. Suzi Fitterer
  3. Ryan Olson
  4. Austin Meyer



S – Leah Berdahl

A – Abbey Hellevang

T – Keegan Dykstra

B – Jackson Fischer