Please note that we do NOT encourage students to go door to door to fundraise. All students are encouraged, but not required, to take part in fundraising. Individual accounting will be kept on each student’s efforts, and these funds will be carried over from one year to the next. Students may use this money for anything that is related to the choir program – purchase of choir CD’s, choir T-shirt, choir shoes, and/or trip expenses. Funds not expended for any individual will remain in the chorus account. Students may not transfer money to another account. The monies in the chorus account belong to individual students only in so far as expenditures for chorus and disbursement of the same are at the discretion of the director and the school administrator.


Big SOO Coupon Book: (Ongoing Until Books are Sold)

For each $42.00 book sold $10.00 will go towards your student’s ISA.  Each book is filled with amazing discounts for local businesses within Sioux Falls.  We have the books here at school, so when a student turns in the order form we will be able to give the books to the student that day for delivery!

Click the links below for the Big Soo Coupon Book Order Form and Coupon Listing:

Big Soo Coupon Book Order Form

2020-21 Big Soo Coupon Book – Coupon Listing

Seroogy Candy Bars: (October 27th through November 9th)

All Seroogy orders are by 11/10/2020!

For each bar sold, the student will earn 40% that will be applied to their Student ISA account.  So for each bar sold at $1.50, the student will earn $0.60.

Click the links below for the Big Soo Coupon Book Order Form:

Seroogy Bar Form


Grocery Cards (HyVee & Fareway Gift Cards) 

Students will earn 4% of the total amount of the grocery cards bought.

Chorus Grocery Cards Fundraiser

All Grocery Card Fundraiser sales will be Pre-Order Only!

Tuesday and Thursday will be our distribution dates at LHS Door K. Please see below for the schedule of dates and times.

  • Tuesday distribution dates will be after school:  3:15 PM to 3:45 PM. (Masks Required)
  • Thursday distribution dates will be before Vocal Jazz Practice:  5:30 PM to 5:50 PM (Masks Required)


The Grocery Card Pre-Order Form below:


Missed Times/Dates Guidelines

  • If your pre-order is after the scheduled cutoff date, it will be scheduled for the next distribution date.
  • If your payment is received after the schedule due date, the distribution date will be set according to the schedule.
  • If the order is not picked up during the scheduled time, it will automatically be scheduled for the next distribution.

 The Pre-Order, Payment Due Date, and Distribution of grocery cards will follow the schedule below.

 The dates and times below are subject to change.

Please note: Any date/time changes and/or cancellations will be communicated via email within Charms.



Future Fundraiser Opportunities:

Seroogy Candy Bars: (November 2020, January & March 2021)



Fruit Fundraiser: Postponed for 2020-2021 School Year