Curricular Choirs

Curricular choirs meet every day for 55 minutes. Students are graded on three categories: 1. Participation; 2. Evaluation; 3. Performance.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is an auditioned mixed group of 11th and 12th grade singers. Concert Choir members are also members of 1 of the 6 select vocal ensembles. The LHS Concert Choir goes on a trip every other year. Auditions take place in the spring.

Cadet Choir

Cadet Choir is a non-auditioned mixed group made up of 9th-12th grade tenors and basses and 10th-12th grade sopranos and altos. Students in Cadet Choir focus on building foundational music rehearsal and performance skills.

Girls Chorale

Girls Chorale is a non-auditioned group for 9th grade sopranos and altos. Students in Girls Chorale focus on building good singing technique through a variety of repertoire.

Vocal Ensembles

Vocal ensembles rehearse 25 minutes daily, opposite lunch periods. Members of an ensemble are required to be a member of a curricular choir and members of Concert Choir are required to be in an ensemble. Acceptance into a vocal ensemble is by audition only. Auditions are held in January. Participation in an ensemble is a privilege and students should view it as such and know that expectations are very high.  Students in ensembles display exemplary attitude and attendance.

Chamber Choir

Mixed 11th-12th (must be members of Concert Choir)

Chamber Choir is composed of a highly select group of mixed voices singing very challenging literature ranging from madrigals to jazz.  Students must possess excellent sight-reading skills, a keen ear, rhythmic skills and an excellent work ethic.

Cliff Avenue Singers

Mixed 10th – 12th

Students sing a variety of songs from madrigals to contemporary music in four-part mixed voice singing. Students will be expected to have good music reading skills and to be a strong independent singer.

Sotto Voce

10th – 12th Sopranos and Altos

Singing challenging SA literature at its peak, students will be expected to be independent singers with strong sight-reading skills.

Bel Canto

10th – 12th Sopranos and Altos

Continuing with beautiful tone production, girls will be exposed to more difficult SA literature.

Canto Fratelli

9th-12th Tenors and Basses

In Canto Fratelli, we work on the foundations of singing and good tone production. Students will gain expertise in the use of their head voice which will help students through their voice change. Students become strong, independent singers and delight in singing TTBB literature.


9th Sopranos and Altos

This ensemble focuses on the foundations of beautiful singing. Unison, two and three-part  SA literature will be explored.

Extra-Curricular Vocal Jazz Ensemble

The Red, White, & Blues Vocal Jazz ensemble is a highly-select group of mixed voices singing extremely challenging literature from various jazz genres: swing, ballad, Latin, contemporary. Students must be strong independent singers who possess excellent ear training and sight-reading skills, and will work to develop improvisational skills. Auditions are held in the fall and students must be in a lunch ensemble in order to audition. The group rehearses outside of the school day, either after school or in the evening. The Red, White, & Blues travel to regional jazz competitions and festivals in the second half of the year.