SD Honor Choir Rehearsals

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You should be getting your Honors Choir music in the mail within the next week.


Here are the city wide rehearsals scheduled so far to help prepare you for Honors Choir.  Please attend as many as possible!  That will help you to be less stressed if your quartet is chosen to be spot checked.


They also have rehearsal tracks on their website.  Take advantage of that.


Here are the rehearsals:

LHS  Monday, June 26th, 3:30-5:30 PM

OG  Monday, July 10th, 2-4 PM

RHS  Monday, July 24, 6-8 PM


We have not yet heard from WHS when they will be hosting their rehearsal, but I will let you know, once I hear back from him.

See you on June 26th!


Linda Conrad

Vocal Director
Lincoln High School
2900 S. Cliff Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD  57105

Updates & Corrections on Calendar

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SD Honor Choir Audtions

Will be held at Washington High School on April 21st & 22nd, 2017.


Name Day Time # Voicing
Kramer, Katrina Friday 3:48 263 Soprano
Nevin, Becca Friday 3:53 256 Soprano
Blair, Ella Friday 4:00 264 Soprano
Ruballo-Torres, Deborah Friday 4:16 265 Soprano
Berdahl, Leah Friday 4:28 271 Soprano
Folkerts, McKennan Friday 4:36 276 Soprano
Palmer, Delenn Friday 4:44 278 Soprano
Dvorak, Hannah Friday 5:28 253 Soprano
Meierhenry, Margaret Friday 5:44 254 Soprano
Sergeant, Kiley Friday 6:08 282 Soprano
Schoenfelder, Mackenzie Friday 6:24 257 Soprano
Rien, Alannah Friday 6:48 252 Soprano
Name Day Time # Voicing
Haas, Haley Friday 4:00 274 Alto
Fitterer, Suzi Friday 4:08 279 Alto
Breems, Lily Friday 4:16 280 Alto
Jensen, Katie Friday 4:24 281 Alto
Falconer, Abigail Friday 4:28 286 Alto
Paul, Maddie Friday 4:32 251 Alto
Lamoreux, Emma Friday 5:20 273 Alto
Hellevang, Abbey Friday 5:36 270 Alto
Heeren, Savannah Friday 5:52 269 Alto
Aspaas, Kjerstin Friday 6:08 268 Alto
Robinson, Anna Friday 6:24 260 Alto
Hartle, Carlie Friday 6:40 259 Alto
McCoy, Taylor Friday 6:56 258 Alto
Name Day Time # Voicing
Olson, Ryan Friday 4:00 261 Tenor
Dykstra, Keegan Friday 4:16 272 Tenor
Kanta, Gabriel Friday 4:32 277 Tenor
Sigl, Gage Friday 4:40 275 Tenor
Kutter, Noah Friday 6:40 284 Tenor
Name Day Time # Voicing
Nordstrom, Justin Friday 4:36 255 Bass
Stamper, Ian Friday 5:20 262 Bass
Meyer, Austin Friday 5:36 266 Bass
Falk, Sam Friday 5:52 267 Bass
Scaturro, Ben Friday 6:08 283 Bass
Fischer, Jackson Friday 6:24 285 Bass


Large Group Contest

Will be held at the Celebrate Community Church on Wednesday April 12th, 2017.

The following Groups will perform:

Concert Choir

Cadet Choir

Girls Chorale

Chamber Choir

Canto Fratelli


The Celebrate Community Church is located at 1000 S Sycamore Avenue here in Sioux Falls.


Ensemble Concert

Will be held at the 1st Congregational Church here in Sioux Falls on May 11th, 2017 at 6:30 PM



Hy-Vee Cards Update

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Hy-Vee Cards:

Tuesday nights are back:  You can officially purchase Hy-vee cards on Tuesday nights from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.   You can enter at Door J (the red band door behind the school).

The cards will also be available during concerts.

Mrs. Maxfield will no longer be taking pre-orders.

We want to thanks Lisa Hellevang for taking over the choir Hy-Vee cards sales on Tuesday nights!

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