Hy-Vee Cards: (On-Going)

Tuesday nights are back:  You can officially purchase Hy-vee cards on Tuesday nights from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.   You can enter at Door J (the red band door behind the school).

The cards will also be available during concerts.

Fareway Cards: (On-Going)

Tuesday nights are back:  You can purchase Fareway Cards on Tuesday nights from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.   You can enter at Door J (the red band door behind the school).

Big SOO Coupon Book: (On-Going)

For each book sold $8.00 will go towards your student’s ISA.  Each book is filled with amazing discounts for local businesses within Sioux Falls.  We have the books here at school, so when a student turns in the order form we will be able to give the books to the student that day for delivery!

Click the link below for the Big Soo Coupon Book Order Form:

Big Soo Coupon Book Order Form

Get yours Today!!!!

Fruit Fundraiser

Our fruit fundraiser was officially started last week in class for all three groups: Chorus, Band, & Orchestra. Please see below for details pertaining to this fundraiser:

Start Date: Tuesday 10/23/2018

End Date: Thursday 11/8/2018

Distribution Date: Thursday 12/6/2018

To make our scheduled distribution date, it is imperative to have all orders turned in no later than Thursday November 8th, 2018!

The distribution will be located at the Armory again this year. Each student/parent is responsible to pick up their fruit within the scheduled pick up times: 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Please make sure your student’s name and group is clearly written on the envelope and order form. This will help us ensure proper delivery and the chosen student ISA account is credited with funds earned.

25% of sales will be credit to your student’s ISA account.

The Chorus program will need 4-5 parent volunteers to assist with the distribution of fruit. The times will range from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. More details and shifts will be sent in another email as the distribution dates gets closer. If you would like to put your name in now as a volunteer, please email me at

Below is a link to a copy of the order form, but the original order forms and envelopes are available in the Chorus classroom.

2018 Fruit Order Form